It’s time to Get Loud, Arkansas!

We’re here to register new voters and mobilize Arkansans year-round.
Your voice matters.
Your vote matters.

Our Mission

Get Loud Arkansas is a nonprofit organization working to register new voters, engage low propensity voters, and mobilize all eligible voters to utilize the power of their vote to shape the future of Arkansas.

Verify Voter Registration

Verify your registration status and find a polling place.

Voter Registration Application

Don’t wait until the last minute, request your application now.

To fulfill these requests, you will be redirected to the Arkansas Secretary of State website

November 5th, 2024

Election Day.

How to Vote



You can’t vote if you’re not registered.

Registering to vote is simple. Here’s how:

Fill out the voter registration form HERE. En español AQUI.

Mail the form to the Secretary of State, which is pre-addressed on the back of the form. You will need one first-class stamp to mail your registration form.


Vote Early

Avoid crowds + Long Lines: Voting Early

Every Arkansas county has at least one early voting site at county clerk’s office, but other Early Voting sites may be available to you, too.

Early Voting is a great way to avoid crowds and long wait times. You can usually get in and out in less than 10 minutes, so take advantage of the opportunity over your lunch break or in-between shifts.

  1. Find where you can Early Vote HERE.
  2. Be sure to take a valid Photo ID with you to vote
  3. Make a plan to Vote Early and stick with it!


Vote on Election Day

Voting on Election Day. That's classic.

Election Day is Tuesday, November 5th, 2024. The polls are open from 7:30 am until 7:30 pm, and if you’re in line before 7:30 pm, they have to let you vote.

Here’s how to vote on Election Day:

  1. Find where you can vote HERE.
  2. Be sure to take a valid photo ID with you to vote.
  3. Make a plan to vote and stick with it!

Arkansas is worth fighting for!

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